The Winner’s Circle of Mission Aligned Partners

If you want results in business or career, then it is necessary to bring in your winner's circle the right partner relationships. They must be mission-aligned and deliver significant value.

Many of the successful projects for JWH Consolidated were made possible through strategic relationships. Beyond being selective for private clients, we make every effort to select the right partners for every project.

A Brief Highlight of Successful Partner Relationships for 2020

These projects align with the mission but are independent of JWH Consolidated whenever possible; partnering with non-profits and existing activities deliver the most tangible results.

  • Sustainable Homestead Institute (Scott Vernon)  A 140 acre campus providing natural environmental based training and regional Eco-tourism.  Programs include wilderness survival, ecological land design, and ancestral skill immersion.
  • Infinity Acres Ranch (Laura and Rick Steere) Non-profit educational ranch providing learning enrichment programs for Adults with intellectual, mental and/or physical (dis)abilities through animal husbandry.  An Eco-tourism opportunity in Martinsville VA which enriches the community.
  • SCORE Martinsville. Offers FREE business mentoring, low-cost and no-cost business training, and tools for growing your small business.  A volunteer organization serving communities across the United States.
  • Fortune 1000 corporations and foundations. Project funding through a network of private donors, corporate match, and granting institutions. Raising between $6,000 to $12,000 a year in charitable contributions since 2013.

A majority of our non-profit partners benefit from private client engagements. The charitable alignment provides promotional value to clients, increases credibility, and helps a local community whenever possible.

How To Find The Right Strategic Partners In Business

There are three lessons for finding the right strategic relationships. With the right partners, you'll accomplish more win-win-win outcomes. While not an all-inclusive list, these elements drive project success:

  1. Alignment with mission and purpose.
  2. Right expertise and talent.
  3. Mutually beneficial outcomes.

A partner relationship is a strategic relationship. For best results, develop your own winner's circle—a core of project partners that deliver what is necessary to get the desired outcome.

Avoid partners that conflict, mainly because a partnership goes beyond a vendor agreement. And indeed, look out for partners with bad reputations because those habits will rub off on you.

You can build these business relationships online; however, make it a priority to meet people in person for lasting value. The right partner relationship can last for years but requires much care and feeding.

If you're having trouble finding the right partners like resellers, vendors, solutions providers, or even for strategic services, then write with your concerns. Bad relationships can cost you a fortune in mistakes, trust issues, and increasing risks.

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