Do What You Do Best, We Optimize The Rest

Are you doing things that put your high income at risk or otherwise limit your growth? Are your passions and strengths sitting on the back burner because of work demands?

What if you could profit from your strengths while overhead and administrative tasks just happen? Working hard is no longer enough to reach high six and seven-figure earnings!

Here's why your back-office matters.

Profit From Reliable Back Office Services

Create greater value in the marketplace while freeing you for strategic focus. Become a Producer. Even if you believe others cannot do it as well as you, there are things top Producers don't need to do.

  • Administrative and Secretarial Services. Are you focused on value creation? If you check email, voice messages, or manage a calendar, then you are losing 8 to 12 hours of productive time each week.
  • Marketing Coordination, Scheduling, and Execution. Are you talking more about marketing than creating and keeping profitable customers? It doesn't take your level of skills and knowledge to do what is necessary to find new opportunities.
  • Procurement Management. Are you buying at best value in ways that increase cash flow? With the right buying strategy Producers make money on acquisition, get better terms and financing up front.
  • Strategic Planning, Relationships, and Implementation. If you did an evaluation of your past self, then would you be satisfied with progress? Not likely! Producers use strategy to remove obstacles and reach new levels rather than grinding away at work.
  • Project Management and Coordination. Are you creating outcomes that matter to your bottom line and personal enjoyment? Spinning more plates dilutes resources. Producers use projects to get more done with other people.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. Your CPA won't enter bills and expenses, yet that is critical to an accurate tax return and feeds good decisions. Are you missing out on tax deductions, losing free cash flow, and slaving over keeping score?
  • Risk management and compliance. Are you hounded by regulators, legal and reputational risk? Do your business processes control for risk in a reliable way? All it takes is one mistake to face fines, legal action, and losses.

Working hard got you here. Yet at this level what matters most is creating value with fewer resources and time. Producers go beyond delegation to staffing arbitrage to do more with measurable outcomes.

Imagine a life where you get four to eight extra weeks a year to do what you want! Invest them in recharging, planning your future, launching new opportunities, and enjoying your high income.

Without this freedom, society forces you to be a Consumer!

The difference between a Producer and a Consumer is freedom. The Consumer is emotionally under the influence of others, a slave to their work. A Consumer does as they are told rather than what is necessary or even beneficial.

Administrative and Back Office Services That Ensure Your Freedom

Take this quiz! If you are doing any of these tasks, then you are NOT utilizing your strengths. Producers don't do this work because systems, automation, or entry-level professionals do it for them.

  • Updating vendor information, tracking returns, resupplying commodity items at your home of office,
  • Scheduling vendors for repairs, installations, or upgrades that impact your ability to work,
  • Writing the documentation required to measure the results of a marketing campaign or sales effort,
  • Generate qualified lead generation then scheduling them into appointments or initial sales,
  • Hours of market research, gathering survey results, and documentation rather than interpretation,
  • Writing copy for lead generation, sales letters, thought leadership content, or positioning papers,
  • Collecting information necessary to produce an estimate or proposal for a new project,
  • Preparing a room or bridge line for an important meeting, distributing an agenda,
  • Daily monitoring necessary to stay on track with a marketing calendar and service portfolio,
  • Mailing list management including address correction, list segmentation, and synchronization,
  • Appending new information to contact records and what is necessary to understand lead source,
  • Writing content for our website, LinkedIn, or trade publications from editorial calendar,
  • Proof reading and formatting documents, special reports, and sales presentations,
  • Checking your voice mail, email messages, social media requests, faxes, and sorting mail,
  • Grouping up contacts according to interests to make specific offers or cultivate for opportunity,
  • Maintaining a list of active projects, their status, milestones, and next actions,
  • Returning messages to answer common questions, collect background information, or get status,
  • Creating meeting agendas, taking minutes, and following up on meeting outcomes,

What's most valuable about delegating these tasks is that you mentor a team. A team syndicates your core strengths, insights while delivering greater value with fewer resources.

Get the Back Office Services You Need to Be More Productive and Profitable

As a Producer, you get multiples of the investment while creating your legacy. You create new opportunities while establishing an equity position to profit from past labor.

If you want to optimize performance to profit from what you do best, then schedule a paid strategy session to discuss your situation. Yes, you can boost your outcomes by doing the critical few rather than the trivial many.


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