Returns Exchanges and Guarantee

A lot of effort goes into this guarantee because your results matter. This no-hassle satisfaction guarantee removes the worry out of implementation and results you desire.

It's simple, we stand behind every purchase.

If you are not satisfied with your order, return it within 60-days for a complete refund. Accept the assurance you receive when choosing our resources to solve your challenges.

Nobody is perfect, especially us. We (or our vendors) will get orders wrong from time to time. When this happens, please get in touch with our office so we can help make it right.

Yes, there will be individuals who take advantage of this generous guarantee. They will purchase books, reports, and digital resources. After using them, they will demand a full refund.

Another type of person purchases does nothing, then demands their money back without even trying. Reading is difficult for those who want a free lunch. The majority of our customers are not like this, neither are you.

Why your feedback and questions is essential to getting what you want!

Your feedback is essential because it helps improve things we may not be doing right. Sharing your comments and success stories helps us know we're serving your needs. We listen.

What is true about customer feedback is that it leads to better resources, tools, and opportunities to serve you. If you have questions about implementing any resource, you purchase here, then ask.

There is no time limit on your ability to ask and get questions. All resources, tutorials, and consulting services come with a lifetime “You Ask, We Answer” question hotline. Fax or mail in your question for a written response.

The only question we cannot answer is the one you don't ask. Of course, if your needs don't fit in our area of expertise, we'll recommend you to someone who can help you. Justin Hitt reviews all answers he does not directly provide.

You can even get support when we recommend but you don't buy from us

Did you purchase a book from Amazon or a third-party shopping cart? Either one of our resources or something referenced in our editorial. You must have a positive experience with vendors we trust.

Contact our offices for returns when you invest in something recommended by our team but not delivered by us, such as an affiliate product. You are busy. Someone on our staff will facilitate the return to save you time and make things right.

Thanks for joining our customer family!

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