“The Fastest Way to Create and Keep Profitable Customers While Transforming Business Relationships into Profits Guaranteed!”

Publishing, Advisory, and Outcome Oriented Solutions

For high-income professionals and entrepreneurs in select industries. Attract more customers and know how you are doing it so it can be done consistently. Grow personal wealth in a sustainable way.

Industry Specific Newsletters

  • AdBriefing Copywriting Tips — Helping copywriters get more from words that sell while profiting in the business. For copywriters, marketers, and business development professionals who want to grow their agency.
  • Prosperity Homestead — For environmentally minded owners of small farms, homesteads, and estate. If you're seeking sustainable green solutions, then this resources helps you get more from your land.

Coaching Style Memberships

These coaching style memberships focus on practical application of testing principles. You get insights specific to your situation through a consultative approach.

Best of off these insights help you develop a team that magnifies your greatest strengths so that you reach goals more quickly. Each unique resource unlocks hidden profits from business relationships.

  • Inside Strategic Relations — Develop certain influence and understanding of social systems so that you can turn business relationships into profits. Hands on application of social engineering, customer relationship, and leverage principles that create measurable results. (Invite only, starting at $397/month)
  • Sustainable Wealth Secrets — Keep more of what you earn while building generational wealth. Rather than temporary tax strategy, leverage business relationships to make money grow for you.? Discover surefire and legal ways to multiply your net worth. (Invite only, starting at $397/month)

Core Focus: Each service, each newsletter, every minute of coaching is specialty designed for the needs of those determined to climb through the top 10% of earners. Offering alternative energy services, backup power generation, solar, inside work, including service repair tools to create a L.E.G.A.C.Y. business.

Transform opportunities in control systems, low voltage wiring, and power saving technologies into long-term profits. Discover environmentally positive commercial opportunities with strong markets near you.

Mastermind Program (by Application)

Small group intensive programs reduce your costs, get you VIP access to top talent, and open doors to uncommon opportunities. You get select access to coaching programs, one-on-one consultations, and done-with-you services to reach specific goals.

For serious entrepreneurial oriented multiple income source families who want collective outcomes from time-tested methods. Individuals must qualify to be considered. Mastermind programs start at $3,900/month with retreat style intensive, collaborative buying, and access to resources.

Do not ask about these solutions without first a paid consultation AND investing in other resources available. Membership is limited and by invitation only. This unique and unusual resource is tailored for the needs of the select few.

Direct Services and Solutions

Due to ongoing commitments and client priorities slots available for direct services is limited. Project services start at $39,000 requiring a paid consultation before consideration.

Clients gain access to a library of newsletter back issues, unpublished resources, subject matter expertise, and concierge support from our team. This is above and beyond any project based work agreed upon.

If you're not ready to commit to certain outcome produced by measure and implementation, then consider a number of email newsletters available. Paid consultations are available upon request, contact us for details.