Clients benefit from our ability to invest capital in moderate-risk projects. Here's a shortlist of our current, past, and synergistic projects.

Website Management and Promotion
Inside Strategic Relations (in-house)
AdBriefing Copywriting Tips (in-house)
Sustainable Wealth Secrets (in-house)
Prosperity Homestead (in-house)
* Original content around building business relationships
* Management of editorial process for digital, print, and audio media
* Marketing plan to include direct mail, blogs, social media, and podcasting
* Web analytics, conversion tracking, and A/B split testing multiple channels
* Mailing list management and cultivation of lead sources
* Management of webmasters, editors, and administrative staff
Compliance and Risk Management
Wells Fargo Bank
* Quarterly Risk Compiance Self Assessment (RCSA) implementation
* Major requirements control writing and evaluation
* Quarterly Enterprise Risk Identification Assessment (ERIA) forecasting rational
* Business process optimization and risk assessment
* Control validation and testing against the policy
* Writing regulatory reports, reviews, and root cause analysis
* Issue management and business initiative execution
* Writing and presenting Control related training materials
Publishing and Editorial Services
Hurricane Marketing System (in-house)
More Profitable Customers (in-house)
[More than 100 reports, commissions, and publications.]
* Survey, research, and develop content relevant to the audience
* Development of problem statement and root cause analysis
* Management of editorial and marketing teams for promotion of final work
* Negotiation with printers, publishing channels, and vendors
* Project level marketing plan development and execution
* Needs assessment of private clients for commissions
Enterprise Project Management
Bank of America
* Business needs assessment and report of findings
* Developing cost recovery model to cover in-house technical services
* Landing a million-dollar of enterprise storage each business day
* Negotiating timelines and deliverables across enterprise leadership
* Adhering to technical performance and security requirements
Project categories and a sample of deliverables

Funding for these projects comes from ongoing services, training, and publications. Click here for the current project pipeline. Which of these projects complements what you're doing?

If what you are doing aligns with these projects, then contact us for partnership opportunities? There's more going on than listed here. Let's achieve GREAT results together!


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