Clients benefit from our ability to invest capital in moderate risk projects.  Here's a list of our current, past, and synergetic projects.  These projects are funded through the on-going services, training and resources provided through JWH Consolidated.

Current Projects

These projects are in flight, meaning they are actively being planned, executed, or otherwise active.  If any of these projects fit your passion, please contact our offices for partnership opportunities.

  • Martinsville Eco-House.  Converting a 1950's residential home into an ecologically friendly estate using design that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers energy needs.
  • Forest Park Green Space.  A revitalization program focused on the community's original design, open spaces, and ecological management of large properties.

Each of these projects are packaged as they are executed to create usable kits, resources, and training resources so you can do the same.  This is our way of syndicating outcomes built on experience.

Past Projects

Here are a few of the past projects which are now available as home-study or mentoring programs.  These experienced based projects making seemingly difficult outcomes systematic.

  • Hurricane Marketing System.  Built on experiences with hurricanes, tornados, and natural disasters across the mid-Atlantic region.  Includes best practices from interviews, business continuity, and risk management.
  • More Profitable Customers.  System for businesses to get commercial customers who can pay, stay, and refer.  Built on more than 20 years of business development experience in government and commercial contracting.

If you're interested in these past projects, simply contact our offices.  The results of these programs are featured in various newsletter for high income professionals and entrepreneurs provided these products.

Synergistic Projects

These projects are closely aligned but independent of projects being executed by JWH Consolidated.  Whenever possible partnering with non-profits and existing activities delivers the most tangible results.

  • Sustainable Homestead Institute (Scott Vernon)  A 140 acre campus providing natural environmental based training and regional eco-tourism.  Programs include wilderness survival, ecological land design, and ancestral skill immersion.
  • Infinity Acres Ranch (Laura and Rick Steere) Non-profit educational ranch providing learning enrichment programs for Adults with intellectual, mental and/or physical (dis)abilities through animal husbandry.  An eco-tourism opportunity in Martinsville VA which enriches the community.
  • SCORE Martinsville. Offers FREE business mentoring, low-cost and no-cost business training, and tools for growing your small business.  A volunteer organization serving communities across the United States.

Lessons learned implementing these projects are the foundation of experienced based newsletters, home study, and resources provided.  You won't find more experienced based materials on these topics anywhere.

If what you going on aligns with these projects, then contact us for partnership opportunities.  There's more going on than can be listed here. Let's have GREAT results together!