The Secrets of Successful Low Budget Advertising by Patrick Quinn

What beginning copywriters and business owners do to attract customers. Low-budget advertising methods that work for any business.


Attention beginning Copywriters and Business Owners:

Who Else Wants Successful Low-Budget Advertising That Generates Leads and Makes Sales?

In the great scheme of things, this is not a large book. But the reason for keeping it short is because I want to get its principles out of my head and into yours in the shortest possible time.” writes Copywriter Patrick Quinn.


You'll learn how to write headline benefits, body copy, and many ways to get customers on a budget. From writing newsletters to sales letters, even press releases, start making more sales.

And if you don't want to do it yourself, then discover how to find freelancers with merit who can help you increase sales. Good writing and design are not cheap. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes in advertising.

Every page focuses on helping you get the most from every advertising dollar, especially when you have so few dollars to spare. Patrick Quinn, the author of Word Power III and a primary contributor to the AdBriefing Copywriting Tips newsletter, wrote this report.

ORIGINAL EDITION, (c) Markethill Publishing, 2004. Distributed under the license of AdBriefing Copywriting Tips, — All rights reserved.

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