The Secrets of Successful Copywriting by Patrick Quinn

Discover what successful copywriters do that you can use to write better advertising copy. Become a powerful copywriter who masters words that sell.

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How to Write Better Advertising Copy

The Secrets of Successful Copywriting focuses on basic principles in writing compelling copies for copywriters and provides informative insight on advertising.

This field is, in every respect, uncompromising. The first and overriding principle of advertising is that it is all about selling and shifting products.

Learn how to write advertising copy. The sort of advertising copy that motivates potential customers and helps to move products off shelves.

What's Inside This Copywriting Bible

The topics covered include an elaborate discussion on the job of a copywriter; agencies and their clients; fundamentals about creating an ad; and copy philosophy.

This book also discusses the importance of headline; copy proper; setting a good example; words, campaigns, research, and things; and radio and television.

Final analysis, exercise conclusions, and getting and keeping a copywriting job are also presented in this book. This text also provides a glossary of advertising terms.

This book is essential for advertising students and those individuals aiming for a copywriting career.

> Markethill Publishing Limited, 2005 Edition.  Also available at the Internet Archive on loan, The Secrets of Successful Copywriting (1986 edition.)  Any purchase here unlocks bonus materials from the AdBriefing Copywriting Tips Newsletter.

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