Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is in effect for all participating sites in the JCO Network of resources for selling professionals. Individual sites must adhere to the privacy policy as stated here.

  • Information about your interactions with sites in the JCO Network,
  • Cookies and other tracking is used to store limited session information,
  • Personal identifiable information not stored on servers managed by JCO,
  • Links may include affiliate, partner, and network relationships,
  • Credit card information not stored outside of secure merchant provider,
  • You may opt-out of e-mail, postal, fax, and phone communications anytime,
  • E-mail addresses are NOT sold, rented, or shared with any third-party,
  • Third-party advertisers and affiliates may collect browser information,

Link Relationship Policy

As a publisher of educational and informational resources, various types of links may record information about your visit, including but not limited to tracking actions for the purposes of paying commissions. At all times assume there is a material connection between links. Including:

  • Links to affiliate programs that pay a commission on click, purchase, or lead generated,
  • Links to publishing partners with related content, or owned by same publishing company,
  • Links to third-parties of relevant materials or related content, not affiliated with publisher,
  • Links to entered by third-parties that haven't been reviewed or checked by editors,

Every effort is taken to provide working, relevant links to resources of benefit to our visitors. In many cases links may be edited over time to fix broken links, update relevance, and correct page changes. Any such link in edited content is a implied endorsement of a resource that editor believes will benefit readers.

Marketing and Subscription Management

If you wish to Opt-out of any kind of marketing used by members of the JCO Network, you can request to be put on our do-not-contact list by contacting our office at:

JWH Consolidated, Dept Opt-Out,
P.O. Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115

Please allow 2 business days from receipt for your request to be processed. Please note that all communications provide an opt-out link to speed up your removal. Your e-mail privacy is important to us.

Third-Party and Affiliate Marketing Policy

Be aware that third-party advertisers, affiliate marketers, and other advertisements on these sites may collect information about visiting behavior that is commonly available in your browser. This information may or may not uniquely identify you, but does help support your session. Please note:

  • Third-party advertisers are clearly identified and limited to banner rotation or sponsored segments,
  • Advertisers and affiliate relationships DO NOT influence content focus or recommendations,
  • NO information is provided directly to advertisers, they must get that information from you,
  • Content is developed independent of advertising relationships and affiliate programs presented,

Our promise to you is to provide unbiased content created specifically for selling professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers of technical services solutions. We have a strict policy with editors to prevent undue influence on materials provided to you because of advertising relationships.

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