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What will you discover in our project pipeline? Representing work in progress suitable for public disclosure. If any of these projects fit your passion, please contact our offices for partnership opportunities.

Last UpdatedProject NameDescriptionTimeframe
12/2021Managing Land ProjectsInvesting $30,000 into sustainable land development to reduce the carbon impact of urban living. Solving erosion, rainwater management, and other everyday community problems with ecological solutions.Start 2019, Target 2022
12/2021Martinsville Eco-HouseConverting a 1950's residential home into an energy-saving estate. Using a design that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers energy needs.2023
[ONGOING 2017-2021]
12/2020Forest Park Green SpaceRevitalization focuses on this community's original design and increases property values. We are incorporating open spaces, ecological management, and native plants.CANCELLED 2020 DUE TO ZONING ISSUES
12/2021Stand Alone AquacultureWe built an edible fish growing system powered by solar with a small footprint. Designed to breed, grow out, and cultivate food in small square footage. Pilot completion 2020 with system installation starting 2021.We are overcoming challenges with the Solar system before finishing pumps.
Est. SPRING 2022
12/2021Sustainable Agriculture PilotGrow enough food for four family's under two acres using low input permaculture principles. The focus is on heritage and true to seed plants, food preservation, and regenerative farming.We are finishing a successful pilot run as of 12/2021, ready to launch SPRING 2022.
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As a boutique consulting firm, we address an eclectic range of projects for a specific type of private client. Our expertise includes project management, risk management, and supply chain within an ecologically sound framework.

Each project builds on proven methods from existing courses, tutorials, or previous private client deliverables. There is no need to invent with more than two decades of experience.

Recycling like this is an example of syndicating outcomes to use risk management, applied project management, and specialized skills. What kinds of projects are you seeking to accomplish in the next 12-months?