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Dear Friend,

Yes, You Can Create and Keep Profitable Customers. Stop Blaming the Economy, Your Competitors, or Politics.

They cannot stop you with these methods and strategies. Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur magnetically attract profits.

Customers who are profitable are the life blood of your business. Some customers are good, many are bad, and other cost you to serve.

Which type of customer do you have? If you have any customers, then you want the profitable kind.

Nothing is More Valuable In A Business Than Profitable Customers

I should know, I'm the author of “How You Can Increase B2B Sales and Profits in 90-Days or Less” (available at Amazon.)

Before these secrets of creating and keeping profitable customers I went broke in my own business. More about that story later.

It was the boom in the late 1990's. Five figure assignments as a small computer consultancy. These grew into six figure deals. I had 27 subcontractors each with 10 to 100 technicians.

Nothing could stop this success except we weren't making any money. Sure, I took home $98,000 year in 2000. But in hindsight was spending $122,000 a year keeping things afloat.

Is Your Business Leaking Profit Like A Bucket Full of Holes? Many Are Bleeding!

You can sell millions of dollars in products or services with nothing to show for your efforts. Learn from my expense of experience. My investment of more than $575,000 covers your risk.

My clients had that problem, from wizards to government contractors. Software and security consultants. Even roofing and electrical contractors.

They made sales, yet the owners struggled to make ends meet. It was a constant fight with payroll. Imagine having a million, five-million, or even a 20-million-dollar company … chasing dollars.

Tiny paychecks is all these owners had to show for their 90-hour weeks until I share what you will now receive. The secrets for creating and keeping profitable customers.

Four Powerful Lessons That Unlock Profitable Customers in Any Market Condition

Here's the lesson:

  1. Clear financial measures. Without accurate accounting you won't know where the money is coming or going. It seems basic, yet 9 out of 10 owners on day one don't know free net cash flow.
  2. A network of qualified advisors. A big hole in my consulting business was slow and late pay customers. Right up to the end when the crash left me a quarter million in debt. I did it all myself.
  3. Clear profile of profitable customers. Most businesses don't know what a profitable customer looks like. They are happy to get any customers. No targeting, no measures, no profits.
  4. Cultivate business relationships. The only way to level up your business is to play hardball in the big leagues. Stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. Profits go to the connected.

Starting with these lessons you can zero in on buyers. Knowing who is profitable and who is not lets you pay less for advertising — or the same to reach more buyers.

STOP THE BLEEDING and Start Increasing Sales and Profits With These Unique Resources

Our experts and consultants deliver insights in newsletters, training, coaching programs, and services. Where you go next depends on you …

  • If you want to improve your ability to attract customers visit AdBriefings Copywriting Tips. You'll discover how to use words that sell to get more customers.
  • Do you already earn six-figures or better? Now seeking optimization to transform income into wealth, then visit Sustainable Wealth Secrets.
  • If you want to increase your influence and the demand for your expertise, then visit Inside Strategic Relations. Discover how to transform business relationships into profits.

Write with your questions, there is a lot more to share. If you have an immediate need, then contact us.

Use these four lessons to check your efforts. Are you cultivating profitable customers? Would you recognize a buyer if you saw one? Let's plug those leaks and get you more profitable customers.


Justin Hitt
Publisher / Consultant

P. s. If you're reading this while I'm on sabbatical, then I'll get to your letters when I get back. Someone in my office will contact you.


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