For The FIRST TIME In 29 Years, I Won’t Have a Business | 006-N0206A

As of August 15th, 2020, I'm taking a 12 to 18 months sabbatical. This means the business closure of my consultancy service. My focus on property investments will continue.

My business license in the City of Martinsville will expire without renewal.

This Business Closure Is Necessary To Recharge Focus

All marketing efforts, consultations, and business activities for JWH Consolidated will stop. Resources are still available on Amazon and in some bookstores.

Websites may remain as a resume resource. As a hobby, I may continue to publish my free newsletter, podcast, and blog posts.

I'm happy to answer your questions on a volunteer basis. Meanwhile, I'm not accepting consulting clients outside of a W2, 1099, or contract by an agency agreement.

Are You Ready For A New World of Business Relationships?

America is changing; it's time for new opportunities. If you aren't ready to change, you will be left behind.

I will continue to write articles and reports while doing consult work with private clients. The only difference is how you can engage with me.

I appreciate your interest. I wish you the very best with all you do. Strategic relationships are more necessary than ever.

If you'd like to stay in touch, join the announcement list below:

If you see this after the 18-month window, make sure you are on our announcement list. That's the only way to know what resources I have to help you transform business relationships into profits.


Justin Hitt

P. s. You'll find my LinkedIn profile here. If you are a private client and have a specific concern, please contact me at the office with questions.


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