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A newsletter for high-income professionals who want greater control and influence in business.

Inside Strategic Relations is a newsletter for high-income professionals and entrepreneurs who want to transform business relationships into profits. Each issue focuses on actionable insights for influence.

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This unique newsletter covers social engineering, personal influence, and how to clearly communicate. You'll learn productivity secrets that help you reach peak performance.

Subscriptions start at $397 a month or $3977 a year. Each issue goes to the subscriber's home or office with very detailed resources online. Coaching calls and training ensure practical application.

Total subscriptions is limited to 100 qualified individuals who benefit from more than 20-years of materials. What makes this resource unique is tailored insights just for subscribers.

Services Provided:

  • Project Management,
  • Marketing Coordination,
  • Marketing Back Office,
  • Editorial Back Office,
  • Administrative Services,

If you are a high-income professional or entrepreneur who wants greater influence to extend personal freedoms, then Inside Strategic Relations is just for you. To learn more about this resource visit for details.

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JWH Consolidated helps clients create and keep profitable customers while transforming business relationships into profits. Serving high income professionals and entrepreneurs responsible for million dollar plus businesses. Located in rural Martinsville VA, serving clients worldwide.