High Reuse Matters To Your Efficiency But Not A Top Consulting Firms Concern

Too much of modern achievements are once and done. The honest truth is that top consulting firms like to invent from scratch because it delivers the highest percentage of billable hours with the least qualified individuals.

Top Consulting Firms Have Not Interest In Reuse Because It Doesn't Profit Them

Even top consulting firms hire fresh MBA graduates for this important reason. This boutique consulting firm is different because its goal is NOT to become one of the top consulting firms in the world.

Instead, we build on proven methods so you get the highest return on investment. Rather than inventing our focus is recycling what works in new market channels, cultivating customers, and increasing your profits.

This is how a tiny agency can charge as much as top consulting firms AND clients are happy to pay once, rather than many times. You get measurable results in ready-to-use packages.

What You Want Is To “Do The Work Once, Profit Many Times”

A great lesson is to do something well yet evidence its value through the artifacts that keep it going. Too many executives invent rather than cultivate what works well to get measurable results.

That's why lessons from implementing these projects shape newsletters, home studies, and resources we publish. You won't find more experienced-based materials on these topics anywhere.

It's essential to focus on what we know how to do, rather than floating from the latest trend to the newest trend. Nobody benefits from being famous alone. What matters in business is your ability to serve customers at a fair profit.

To keep those customers, you need a clear value that is consistent and reliable. Unfortunately, many service providers wing it, doing as much they can not get fired from a project, rather than cultivating maximum value with a plan.

Pioneers Return Home With Arrows In Their Back and Nothing to Show for The Effort

Even when consulting services are bespoke, you benefit from almost three decades of practical application. Methods of historical and innovative test against each other to determine what works.

Rather than loading you up with fresh graduates who will work around the clock for you doing nothing, you get deliberate actions. Testable ideas and concepts built on what works are more transformational than fluff.

You can still hire top consulting firms, we have worked with Oliver Wyman, Deloitte Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton, KPMG, PwC Strategy, and other prestigious names. Even at times fixing the messes they make in pursuit of billable hours.

No disrespect intended, over the years this agency has billable hours will all these firms. In full disclosure, our principal Justin Hitt has managed, or is on contract directly with most of these firms and would certainly accept senior positions again in the future.

You can still get transformational results with proven methods. A collection of 5 to 10 proven approaches beats chasing the whims of a marketplace. Testing against your most profitable approaches gives you the confidence to repeat what works.

When you are ready for expert advice, contact this boutique consulting agency for your program management and business development needs. Subject to availability. Your project will focus on reusable processes, controls, and methods that drive profits not name-brand consulting firms' pockets.

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Justin Hitt Business Analyst
A business analyst helping business owners and executives transform business relationships into profits. Delivering project management, risk management, and procurement strategy. Leveraging practical and measurable insights in commercial environments. Publisher and consultant.
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