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About JWH Consolidated

Strategic Positioning That Eliminates Big Challenges Keeping You From Outcomes You Desire

JWH Consolidated LLC is a boutique consultancy founded by Justin Hitt in 2008. This single-member LLC owns professional papers, independent research, and reporting as far back as 1996.

This business provides administrative and publishing services to knowledge workers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Private clients over the years have included contract and employment relationships.

This website provides a portfolio of skills, including projects, joint ventures, and publications. Write with your questions, comments, or project inquiries.

If you are a hiring manager, recruiter, or project manager, contact Justin Hitt via his professional website. JWH Consolidated LLC‘s principal activity is administrative and publishing services for private authors.

Publisher of newsletters, podcasts, reports, and many strategic intelligence reports. These represent subject matter expertise and capabilities.

Discover No-Nonsense Strategic Insights For Knowledge Workers and Entrepreneurs Engaged in Expert Services

Are you a subject matter expert? If yes, you know the challenge of being passionate about a topic. You face lifestyle, career, and economic challenges unique to this professional status.

Whether you are an employee, independent contractor, or professional agent, these topics are essential. Use insights in these areas to gain a unique competitive advantage:

  • Improve your health with sustainable natural resources and stress management practices. Lower stress and increase happiness.
  • Advance your career with mental development that improves negotiations, influence, and communications skills.
  • Save time with more effective home management and food security while living with greater abundance. Simple approaches for better living.
  • How to increase property value while improving ecological and conservation benefits. More for your outdoor lifestyle.
  • Learn how to solve problems in a way that businesses reward. Become a rainmaker in the industry of your choice.
  • Write in a way that positions you as an expert and authority in your subject area. Be in demand as a leader in your field.
  • Reduce risks in business and ecological environments to drive better performance. Identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks.

While these diverse topics have yet to have an obvious connection, they represent the changing ecosystem you face. These skills help you transform business relationships into meaningful profits for your family.

The common factor that matters most is how these topics impact your life.

This is the kind of lateral thinking that solves complex problems. Discover related newsletters and publications we publish.

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