About JWH Consolidated

A small consulting and publishing company based in Martinsville VA founded by Justin Hitt in 2008.  JWH Consolidated rolled up more than twenty years of newsletters, consulting, and technology operations services experiences  into a single resource.

JWH Consolidated provides centralized marketing back office, webmaster services, procurement management, administrative services, and project management for select clients, as well as joint ventures.  Serving a number of niche based resources for specialty markets, including:

With a common mission of helping high income professionals and entrepreneurs transform business relationships into profits. In addition, JWH Consolidated manages a number of back office resources for selling professionals, contractors, and affluent households.

Each group is organized to specifically serve clients needs in the form of community, publications, and vertical services for client members. Newsletters include Inside Strategic Relations, Sustainable Wealth Secrets, and a number of publications.

Imagine Income Streams That Work Even When You Cannot, Make Money While You Sleep

Offering done for you marketing back office solutions that help you create and keep profitable customers.  Business development can be difficult when you seek high margin large projects.  Stop the constant struggle required by some to get marketing campaigns out the door.

Imagine what life would be like with strong consistent multi-step marketing campaigns running like clockwork attracting to you new customer.  Strong referral programs can maximize your marketing budget.  Stimulated word of mouth builds a loyal stream of new customers.

You won't find fancy offices, overpriced suits, or blue sky hype about campaigns that don't work.  Specializing in direct response marketing, you get accountability for every advertising dollar.  You'll know your return on investment (ROI) as the leading value of your campaign.

Discover a No-Nonsense Strategic Advisory Solution For The High Income Professional and Entrepreneur

This means for every dollar you invest in marketing, you'll know if you are getting money back, breaking even, or profiting easily.  Never be an advertising victim again.   Do you know how hard your marketing dollars are working for you?

Accountability is key.  Use analytics services to improve existing businesses, “beat the control” copywriting, or even procurement management to keep marketings tools working for you.  And you don't need to be a math genius, all the work is done for you.

To learn more about how JWH CONSOLIDATED may help your business, or to engage us about a joint venture opportunity, contact our offices.