About JCO Media

A Niche Direct Response Digital Marketing Agency

JCO Media is a niche-focused digital marketing agency and internet brand within JWH Consolidated LLC. Focus includes environmental, influence, financial, and copywriting content.

  • JCO Media YouTube has 24.7k monthly views with mixed channel syndication of podcast and educational content.
  • Prosperity Homestead YouTube has 22.1k monthly views with permaculture and homesteading-specific focus lifestyle-entertaining content.
  • 520+ podcast episodes, 1,200+ articles. Reaching audience in video, audio, and digital properties.
  • Niche-specific Podcasts with 4k+ listeners each month. Each syndicate on podcast platforms includes Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, and Pandora.
  • Publishing platform integration includes WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, MemberPress, HubSpot, and Aweber. We are providing marketing automation and implementation.
  • Analytics platform integration includes Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, YouTube Studio Analytics, VidIQ, TubeBuddy, Semrush, Ahrefs, and more. We are providing analytics and conversion optimization.

As a full-stack agency, we are 100% remote. While client meetings are available, we have an environmental commitment to reduce travel. To discuss your next project, schedule a video conference call here.

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About Our Talent Network Delivers Measurable Results

Our team includes talented individuals from around the world. Management remains in the United States, while individual contributors follow the sun.

This means our clients get 24/7 support from awake individuals during daylight hours. Our teams speak English and have normal shifts.

You get talent rather than business outsourcing, where workers are abused. You get talented individuals and automation to deliver maximum value to your clients.

You get fractional access to teams we manage, including:

  • Copywriters,
  • Social Media Specialists,
  • Project Managers,
  • Webmasters,
  • Database Administrators,
  • Content Strategists,
  • Marketing Data Analysts,
  • Project Managers,
  • Marketing Managers,

Systems for marketing and sales automation remain in-house or with clients. However, cross-functional teams are dynamically allocated.

You only pay for the services you get; this approach lowers overhead. Our network of freelancers, agencies, and specialists significantly reduces overhead.

Everyone works to in-house standards, uses the same tools, and implements based on industry best practices. Program managers take care of hiring on a per-project basis.

Only the best knowledge workers and talent succeed in our quality-oriented environment. New team members work on in-house publications long before they touch client properties.

Who Are Our Digital Marketing Agency Clients

Clients who get the best results are subject matter experts with affluent customers. They have volumes of educational content they want to monetize.

We provide agency services and serve as a marketing agency to professionals like these:

  • Financial Planners,
  • Seminar Leaders,
  • Specialist Lawyers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Internet Publishers,
  • Permaculture Designer,
  • Landscape Architects,
  • Corporate Executives,

This includes podcasters, consultants, coaches, and membership coordinators. If you are building a professional community, you are in the right place.

The business size of clients ranges from a few million a year in gross revenue to divisions of Fortune 100 corporations. Here's a sample of projects completed.

We specialize in businesses with strong information marketing, direct response, and service ethics. This includes for-profit and non-profit associations.

Clients also include technical services contractors, licensed professionals, environmental services, and subject matter experts.

Niche Content and Subject Matter Areas of Focus

There are specific sectors of specialization in which we offer full-stack agency services. We conduct joint ventures with clients and other target publications.

Many of our clients are also customers of the niche content sites we manage. These same clients provide subject matter expertise for the content we create.

It's a good relationship and provides our clients the best value. Services include co-registration of leads, plus content and membership site management.

Our editorial services produce specific niche content, and subject matter areas include:

  • IAB10, Home & Garden,
    • Homesteading Skills,
    • Land Management,
    • Environmental Safety,
  • IAB3, Business,
    • Copywriting and Marketing,
    • Forestry and Agriculture,
    • Landscaping Services,
    • Estate Planning Services,
  • IAB4, Careers,
    • Executive Search,
    • Career Advice,
    • Telecommuting,
  • IAB7, Health & Fitness,
    • Holistic Healing,
    • Herbs for Health,
    • Better Sleep,
  • IAB13, Personal Finance,
    • Financial Planning,
    • Credit/Debt & Loans,
    • Retirement Planning,
    • Tax Planning,
  • IAB9, Hobbies & Interests,
    • Outdoor Experience,
    • Freelance Writing,
    • Getting Published,

As a full-stack marketing agency, we provide growing firms with white-label and editorial services. This includes helping your in-house advertising agency be more efficient.

As a coach, consultant, or services business, you are in the right place if you use content to create customers. Schedule a discovery call to see how we can help you.

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