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A Publisher of Environmental, Strategy, and Marketing Resources You Need To Thrive In a Changing World

Publications include Newsletters, Podcasts, and Reports on business relationships. The primary focus is systems thinking around risk management and business development.

Readers include knowledge workers and entrepreneurs engaged in expert services. Topics of interest include environmental, homesteading, marketing, and professional development.

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When you run a small farm or homestead, there are liabilities to which you must be aware. These common problems can cost you the farm. Let's look at farm safety. To protect your interests, these insights go into your Farm Operation Plan (FOP) or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Doing this… Read more
Make better decisions with an accurate marketing dashboard designed this way. Stop making these common mistakes…. Read more
Before you design any marketing dashboard, try this exercise first. This exercise will save you hours when designing your next dashboard. Too many marketing dashboards fail to benefit those who use them. That's because of the three common mistakes revealed in today's episode. Transform your freelance copywriting into a million-dollar… Read more
Source:… Read more
Do you depend on speaking to grow your business? Failing to improve your speaking skills impacts selling. You limit your audience by not knowing how to speak the right way. How you speak matters whether you sell from the stage or via webinar. This goes beyond Toastmasters or other public… Read more
Does your financial services firm make these risk management mistakes? Many of them are common, even when business units won’t admit…. Read more
What is it that risk management professionals do to build strong business relationships? How does risk management save money, increase effectiveness, and protect the business?I use more than 10 years of risk management experience in the financial services world. Plus more than 20 years in project management to reduce risk… Read more
While I can drive a skid steer, my spirit animal is a box turtle. This is not me; I haven't found the fast button. Look how smooth and clean this farm road will be. #permaculture #farming #forestry Learn more about managing land projects. Get your land up strong as a… Read more
Too many copywriters and marketers struggle to gain consistent income. They bounce from assignment to assignment chasing the next thing. This causes them to accept less than desirable clients. Do this instead. You increase your income not by focusing on the next client, but instead by a simple audience focused… Read more
Even from the cab of an excavator, you can see the tiniest creatures. I waited a few minutes to let this turtle pass. Can you see it? If you want greater food security in a natural environment that encourages wildlife, join us #Permaculture #NaturalHabitat #BoxTurtle… Read more

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