Transforming Business Relationships Into Profit With Strategic Consulting

We help million-dollar-plus technical services contractors dominate their marketplace with proven business development, risk management, and project implementation. Get more customers who pay, stay, and referer.

Media publishing services increase cash flow, optimize business processes and implement action plans from strategic consulting. More than two decades of experience building effective business relationships.

What's Currently on the JCO Media Network?

In-house publications reflect the industry interests of private clients. Newsletters, blogs, and podcasts from the media publishing side help clients test ideas without telegraphing competitive activities.

Ongoing publications include wealth management, environmental services, and strategic communications. Learn more about our synergistic projects to discover joint venture opportunities right for you.

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JWH CONSOLIDATED LLC is a strategic consulting and media publishing company. Managing client business processes, risk management, project management, and in-house projects.

Stop Waiting for More Profitable Customers, Start Profiting From Hidden Opportunities

Imagine the business growth when you can double what works and stop doing what does not. Get bankable results. Starting with a paid strategic consultation, you'll get practical insights, proven strategy, and solutions bespoke to your business needs.

Specialty industries include financial services, technical contracting, trade media, and energy services. Justin Hitt delivers more than two decades of experience, plus a network of solutions providers to create hundreds of millions for clients worldwide.

We serve clients worldwide with hub locations in Virginia Beach, VA, Washington, DC, and Charlotte, NC. To learn more about how JWH CONSOLIDATED may help your business or to discuss a joint venture opportunity, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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