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In a world of social media, you don't have the reach you might expect. Major platforms use shadow banning, filtering, and algorithms to change behavior. They only show those who follow platform standards. Even if those standards aren't your beliefs.Copywriters and marketers miss the purpose of social media is to… Read more
Modern business still faces threats from thieves, competition, and malefactors. You have what they want. Social engineering is one way they get it.Today's episode draws from my experience compromising and protecting physical environments. Too much focus today is on cyber security.A compromise in the physical space often leads to operational… Read more
Are you responsible for important compliance and policy documents? You could be writing these documents the wrong way. Focusing on tools rather than publishing of these critical resources.How you manage documentation is an important part of clear communications. To learn more about these concepts in boosting your success, join us… Read more
Stop wasting your time when solving million-dollar problems with cosmetics. New tracking software, a reorganization, or a new initiative is a straightforward approach.For senior leaders who want more outcomes by design, level up quickly with these insights. Free resources teach critical thinking and critical influence at https://www.InsideStrategicRelations.com/newsletter/… Read more
The perfect job may not be designed for your success. Without understanding this critical concept, you could be in a role with no upside, even if one is promised.Role title: Management Consultant / Business DevelopmentThe key conflict here is a role that serves internal and external customers. As an individual… Read more
Yes you can transform a weedy field into natural abundance. Turn disused areas into vegetable gardens. Feed your animals with naturally occurring systems…. Read more
Establishing pasture can be a complex endeavor. There is an art and science of growing nutrients for animals. This episode is a simple introduction to pasture development that gets you started.The first choice is to determine if pasture is best for your land. Because you can turn something into a… Read more
Goats are a good sustainable solution to reduce forest fires, clear land, and remove invasives. Very little carbon use. Goats are good meat and milk. It's a smart business. … Read more

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