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A Publisher of Environmental, Strategy, and Marketing Resources You Need To Thrive In a Changing World

Publications include Newsletters, Podcasts, and Reports on business relationships. The primary focus is systems thinking around risk management and business development.

Readers include knowledge workers and entrepreneurs engaged in expert services. Topics of interest include environmental, homesteading, marketing, and professional development.

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The suburbanite treats their lawn like a part-time job. A slave to a system of fertilizer, equipment, and trips to the big box store. When fall comes, it is even worse (by design.)Free yourself to never rake leaves again with this simple method. You'll have a better healthy lawn. This… Read more
I used "Tag Assistant" to try to find the "begin_checkout" event, didn't find it. Not even on /cart/ or /checkout/ page. GTM is working, because I see what triggers in the debug, plus other calls. My WooCommerce is presenting a "view_item_list" and "view_item" but no events on checkout pages. … Read more
I'm seeing an attribute problem with GA4 and GTM, similar to some failure to trigger in other posts. A large number of conversions with source / medium and landing page + query string report "(not set)". No other attributes are set either. The Event name is "begin_checkout" however, I cannot… Read more
Being able to organize information and use it creates better decisions. Tips on managing a sizeable Obsidian vault without breaking Graph View. TL;DR; Obsidian is faster when filters are your friends! Make data useful. Here are some lessons learned about optimizing #Obsidian since posting my Obsidian mega vault AMA Standardize… Read more
I maintain a Dossier on individuals of note, both living and dead. Like a map of content around a person in a Rolodex folder. That's been very helpful to keep PRM notes in one place. I use YAML front matter for contact details like below. The rest of the document… Read more
Do automation and artificial intelligence impact wealth? Will new ways to increase productivity leave some behind? While giving others an unfair advantage? Of course, it will.Today's episode covers a few historical examples. Plus, what you need to know about using tools for wealth. Automation and artificial intelligence is market place… Read more
Discover a competitive advantage that help you dominate a market. You’ll get more work done in less time. But there’s a caveat. Artificial intelligence is not as good as it seems. If you don’t use AI the right way it won’t work for you. There’s a certain leverage that’s necessary… Read more

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