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Which best describes you, one or all of these:

  • If you own a service business that grosses more than $1 million a year and you're not taking home all you'd like, then these powerful resources will change your life.
  • If you are a high income professional earning six figures and you'd like to protect yourself against economic uncertainty. Then pay close attention.
  • If you have a dual income family with one of those incomes coming from a business of your own and you want financial security even in tough markets, this this is for you.

Discover hidden profits in current earnings while creating multiple streams of income. Boost cash flow instantly. Have the lifestyle you deserve without fear of it all drying up one night as you sleep.

As more social and political pressure lays down on the top 20%, you'll want resources like these to help build your wealth.  Learn how to produce even when the economy, community, and media are against you.

The Pew Research Center (2017) reports families with incomes of $200,000 or more paid 58.8% of US Federal income taxes. However, they only accounted for 4.5% of returns filed.   That's a significant responsibility despite the criticism.

If you are in a higher tax rate country (or region) like Canada, United Kingdom, or European Union, the problem is worse.  More of your hard-earned income goes to programs to which you have no say in allocation.

It's not that you don't want to help society. It's an objection to the wasteful government spending applied to individuals who demand entitlement rather than contribution—those who seek temporary pleasures over community building and self-improvement.

Worse, political forces turn tax dollars into individual wealth.  Income tax revenue is paid on unnecessary government debt accumulation.  Shelling out for bureaucrats paid vacations instead of disciplinary actions for misconduct.

Earning less won't solve these problems.  Only maximum earnings through entrepreneurship, skilled trades, and professional services will insulate your family from the impacts of these ongoing challenges.  Stop fearing the tax man; start enjoying financial freedoms.

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  • AdBriefing Copywriting Tips — For copywriters, marketers, and business owners who want to the secrets of words that sell.  Insights on what it takes to grow an agency, leverage time, and help clients sell more.  Develop communications skills that create opportunity.
  • Prosperity Homestead — For permaculture designers, landscapers, and ecologically conscious high income professionals who want prosperity.  Earn big dollars improving the environment, reducing waste and pollution, and creating a more sustainable earth.

Your education starts with understanding how thankless your role is in society.  It has been that way for ages.  Those who break from the bonds of undue social, political, and systemic pressures tend to become society's elite.

Personal time and financial freedoms come more easily when you understand how to convert adversity into opportunity.  These resources are not for everyone.  While based on reason and logical thinking, they are certainly NOT politically correct.

Stop waiting for more profits, start profiting from Hidden opportunities Just outside your view

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