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A professional services company that delivers consulting, publications, coaching, and logistics support for a select group of clients.

With a common mission of helping service business create and keep profitable customers, while boosting opportunity for high income professionals. As a boutique services firm you get specialized attention rather than "one size fits all."

This isn't a huge organization, each specialty area is organized to specifically serve clients needs in the form of community, publications, and vertical services for client members. Newsletters serve as a gateway to more in-depth materials.

JWH Consolidated provides centralized billing, customer service, and management for various joint ventures, project groups, and customer solutions. Founded by Justin Hitt as a consolidation of several organizations in January 2008 at the urging of his CPA to simplify record keeping for several rapidly growing organizations.

The specific need filled is one of helping clients with rapid implementation, including marketing and logistics associated with profitable efforts. You are encouraged to get your CPA and Lawyer involved to prove to yourself the value of what is offered here.

Our only mission is to ...

Help you create and keep profitable customers while turning business relationships into profits!

About Justin Hitt

Delivering more than two decades of experience around technical services sales, implementation, and logistics. Direct clients include Fortune 100 financial services firms, mid-sized services contractors, and private investors.

He is involved in publishing, real-estate investing, permaculture, and community building. Highly opinionated with limited filters between his mouth and brain. Always seeking the best interest of his clients.

Because Justin gets readily involved in solving big problems for clients, all direct engagements are by appointment only. He personally trains staff to serve clients in a concierge capacity. And has created a number of home study programs that answer critical questions you must get answered to boost bottom line results.

If you'd like to interview Justin Hitt, or have him consider your project, then contact us at the address below.

JWH Consolidated
1123 Spruce St #3123, Martinsville, VA 24115-3123

24-Hour Phone / Fax Hotline:+1 (877) 486-8461
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